The Hiding Place The Musical


Thrust into a world of spies and espionage, Corrie ten Boom, together with her sister Betsie and her elderly father Casper, heroically hide Jews from the Nazi invadors in their little town in Holland. Betrayed, the family is deported to German concentration camps. Casper and Betsie both die in the camps, following their horrendous suffering, but in 1945 Corrie is released. For the next forty years she travels the world sharing her testimony of forgiveness and the hope found in Jesus Christ in the midst of suffering.

The Book--In 1971 John and Elisabeth Sherrill wrote The Hiding Place, together with Corrie ten Boom.  They shared Corrie's memories of actual events that occurred during WWII. Over the next several years Chosen Books sold millions of copies of the book which inspired readers to look beyond the darkest of circumstances and find hope in Jesus Christ.

The Movie--Following the success of the book, in 1975 World Wide Pictures produced the film of The Hiding Place, which they call their “most popular film”. The film bridged the gap between Christian and secular entertainment being nominated for both a Golden Globe and a BAFTA award. Both the book and movie continue in popularity today-- cementing The Hiding Place as a classic.

This musical

As a 15 year old boy Stephen Joseph Burke read the book and was inspired to be a part of sharing the story. At that point (in the 1990's) he began composing music for what would eventually become The Hiding Place: life of Corrie ten Boom—a musical in which Burke intended to maintain the beautiful story telling quality and the powerful message which changed his life.

16 years later, in 2011 the musical debuted at Pensacola Christian College where Stephen was the staff Production Director.  Audiences were moved to tears. A recording of the music sold out of two printings, and the production set box office records for the college, as many students purchased tickets to see the show two and three times. 

The script was edited and improved when Shining Light Players formed a touring company in 2013. Shining Light Players toured with the production  every summer between 2013 and 2019. 

In 2017 Burke was encouraged by a friend and fellow producer to further develop the show. He went  to work writing three new songs and developing the script for a full scale production. 

The production has been seen live by more than 25,000 audience members. It has received rave reviews, had eight Christian theatre award nominations and won three Lampras Awards (Best Musical Direction, David Hill, Best Performance of a Musical Number, Ann Gibbs, and Best Performance by a Juvenile, Jane Burke), the 2021 Angel Award (Best Performing Artist, Alisha Burke) and the Best Original Musical Award at the 2023 Christian World Arts Festival in Washington DC.

It has been performed 84 times in cities up the East Coast from Orlando to New York City, in venues of all sizes, from small church plants to the Sylvan Theatre on the National Mall.  Most importantly, Corrie's testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ continues to change lives. We are honored to be a part of her legacy.